FAW2016, Qingdao,

China, June 30-July 2,2016

Accepted Papers

7. Zhi-Zhong Chen, Youta Harada, Eita Machida, Fei Guo andLusheng Wang, Better Approximation Algorithms for Scaffolding Problems

28. Lili Mei, Deshi Ye and Guochuan Zhang, Mechanism Design for One-Facility Location Game with Obnoxious Effects

17. Yongjie Yang, Yash Raj Shrestha, Wenjun Li and Jiong Guo, Kernelization of Two Path Searching Problems on Split Graphs

19. Zihe Chen, Danyang Chen, Xiangyu Wang, Jianping Xiang, Hui Meng and Jinhui Xu, How to Block Blood Flow by Using Elastic Coil

25. Weitian Tong, Eiji Miyano, Randy Goebel and Guohui Lin, A PTAS for the multiple parallel identical multi-stage flow-shops to minimize the makespan

29. Li Ning, Zhongying Zhao, Rong Zhou, Yong Zhang and Shengzhong Feng, Real-time Channel Recommendation: Switch Smartly while Watching TV

53. Tian Liu, Fractional Edge Cover Number of Model RB

5. Yuzhe Ma, Kun He, John E. Hopcroft and Pan Shi, Nonlinear Dimension Reduction by Local Multidimensional Scaling

6. Hong He and Boyan Cao, The Scheduling Strategy of Virtual Machine Migration Based on the Gray Forecasting Model

15. Wei Peng, Dongxia Wang and Xinwen Jiang, Empirical Study of Phase Transition of Hamiltonian Cycle Problem in Random Graphs with Degrees Greater Than One

27. Lianrong Pu and Haitao Jiang, A polynomial algorithm to detect 2-cycle decomposition of breakpoint graph

32. Yunlong Liu and Jianxin Wang, Complexity and Fixed-Parameter Tractable Approximation Algorithm for Counting Matching and Packing

34. Qilong Feng, Xiong Jiang and Jianxin Wang, Improved algorithms for several parameterized problems based on random methods

44. Jingjing Ma and Haitao Jiang, Notes on the 6/5-approximation algorithm for One-sided Scaffold Filling

18. Peng Zou, Chunlin Xin, Hui Li and Binhai Zhu, Finding Disjoint Dense Clubs in an Undirected Graph

31. Kelin Luo, Yinfeng Xu and Xin Feng , Online Scheduling with Increasing Subsequence Serving Constraint

38. Yanli Liu, Chumin Li, Kun He and Yi Fan, Breaking Cycle Structure to Improve Lower Bound for Max-SAT

45. Hongluan Zhao and Guoyong Han, The bounded batch scheduling with common due window and non-identical size jobs

1.Guangyan Zhou, On the lower bounds of random Max 3 and 4-SAT

10. Cheng Zhong, Jing Zhang, Bei Hua, Feng Yang and Zhengping Liu, Parallel Identifying (l,d)-Motifs in Biosequences Using CPU and GPU Computing

22. Sandip Das, Ayan Nandy and Swami Sarvottamananda, Linear time algorithm for 1-center in $\Re^d$ under convex polyhedral distance function

50. Shaun Fallet, Karen Meagher, Abolghasem Soltani and Boting Yang, Positive Zero Forcing and Edge Clique Coverings

35. Qilong Feng, Zeyang Zhou and Jianxin Wang, Parameterized algorithms for maximum edge biclique and related problems

51. Etsuji Tomita, Kohei Yoshida, Takuro Hatta, Atsuki Nagao, Hiro Ito and Mitsuo Wakatsuki, A Much Faster Algorithm for Finding a Maximum Clique

24. Xingfu Li, Haitao Jiang and Haodi Feng, Polynomial Time for Finding a Spanning Tree with Maximum number of Internal Vertices on Interval Graphs

Submission deadline extended to February 15th.
Notification of acceptance extended to March 21th.
Important Dates
Submission deadline: February 1, 2016 Notification of acceptance: March 7, 2016 Final version due: April 13, 2016 Conference Dates: June 30-July 2, 2016